WASHINGTON -- President Obama will nominate White House counter-terrorism official John Brennan to head the Central Intelligence Agency.

Brennan, a 25-year CIA veteran, would replace David Petraeus, who resigned last year after acknowledging an extramarital affair.

Obamaplans to make the Brennan announcement at the same time he nominatedformer Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel to be defense secretary.

"JohnBrennan's career of service and extraordinary record has prepared him tobe an outstanding director of the CIA," said a White House statement."Since 9/11, he has been on the front lines in the fight against alQaeda. Over the past four years, he has been involved in virtually allmajor national security issues and will be able to hit the groundrunning at CIA."

Obama considered Brennan for the CIA post afterhis 2008 election, but Brennan withdrew his name after criticsquestioned his connections to enhanced interrogation techniques used byCIA during the George W. Bush administration.

Brennan denied involvement in waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods, and has spoken out against them.