PALM COAST, Fla. -- A Palm Coast community comes together to honor the plane crash victims that died in their neighborhood.

"This afternoon I heard a plane going by and normally you don't think twice about it, but today I was like 'oh, I hope it makes it," said HeatherToriello, who lives in the Seminole Woods neighborhood.

The community came together to honor the three that lost their lives when a single-engine plane headed to Flagler County Airport crashed into a Palm Coast home.

"I thought, you know,I think I'd really like to be there to be with the rest of the community and pray for these poor souls that lost their lives in the crash. I thank God for the lady who lives there, she's okay, that's really great," says TovahJanovsky, aresident in theneighborhood.

A candlelight vigil organized by Tyler Sutphin, 13, was held outside the crash site at 22 Utica Path. Sutphin says he was on his way back home from school when he saw the aircraft fall out of the sky.

"I was actually riding my bus, me and my friend spotted it through the window and we saw that it was shaking and then right when we got off the bus stop we saw smoke coming from the house," said Sutphin.

Several kids in the area were either at school or on the way home when they witnessed the crash.

"I saw like something weird in the air so turned out and I looked and saw the airplane and therewas smoke," says 9-year-old Dylan Toriello.

With the airport being only about a mile from this community some say they feared something like this could happen.

"Well here it is, it happened, hopefully they'll do something because you do you hear the planes puttering a lot overhead andsometimes it's just scary," said Dawn Salange, a resident in the neighborhood.

For others, the vigil was a chance to remember the victims with song and prayer and send a greater message out to this community.

"You know you can't live in fear, I just feel like when it's meant for me to go, I'll go, and I'm not going to worry about it in the in-between time," says Janovsky.

The National Transportation and Safety Board saysit will have a preliminary report on the investigation up onits websitein about ten days. The engine from the plane was recovered from the home and is being transported to Continental Motors in Alabama to be evaluated along with other plane parts.