JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A 23-year-old is under arrest after he told police he took acid and ended being one of two people shot during an altercation Sunday night.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Aggravated Battery Unit Detectives responded to a home in the 11900 block of Tierra Verde Court off Greenland Road in Mandarin around 10:40 Sunday night to reports of two people shot, according to an arrest report from JSO.

The report said when police first arrived they found 69-year-old Walter Gibbs outside the home moaning and asking for help.

Gibbs, when asked by police what happened, told them his nephew,Kyle Weller, shot him and that he was still inside the home and armed with a revolver.

Police dragged Mr. Gibbs from the bushes to a neighboring driveway where emergency personnel administered first aid, according to the report.

While officers awaited the JSO SWAT team, Weller's aunt called him via a cell phone.

The report said Weller then surrendered to police. After he was under arrest, police found Weller was bleeding from a gunshot wound to his leg. Members of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department transported him to Orange Park Medical Center.

Detectives spoke with Mr. Weller's aunt, 66-year-old Luanne Gibbs, who said she was sleeping in her bedroom when a noise awakened her.

Mrs. Gibbs told police she went into the living room where she found Weller. According to the report, when Mrs. Gibbs asked him what was going on, he allegedly said, "I took some acid."

The report said Weller then allegedly told Mrs. Gibbs he wanted her husband to kill him. According to the report, Weller then told the 66-year-old woman he didn't want to hurt her before pushing her face down into an ottoman.

Mrs. Gibbs said at that point her husband came into the room and told her to leave. She told police she left to go to a nearby neighbor's house.

When detectives interviewed Weller at the hospital he allegedly admitted to taking 2 1/2 hits of acid. Wellertoldpolice he takes the acid to treat cluster migraine headaches.

According to the report, Weller told police he and Mr. Gibbs then got into a fight but he did not remember how he or Mr. Gibbs got shot. The report said Weller also told police he did not remember shooting Mr. Gibbs.

When police asked Weller if he bit Mr. Gibbs, officers saidit was possible and that if he did it would have been Mr. Gibbs' hands or face since the two were wrestling.

Weller allegedly told detectives he took the acid around 9 Sunday night and does not remember anything other than standing in the kitchen drinking water. The report said he did not realize he was shot until he went to bed and his leg felt "weird."

Police charged Weller with battery on a person 65 years of age or older. Police absentee booked him due to his injury.