The success of Steven Spielberg's film on Abraham Lincoln has inspired a new parlor game amid Washington's latest budget battle.

What would Lincoln do? What lessons can we learn from him?

President Obama, however, isn't playing.

When NBC's David Gregory asked Obama whether the fiscal cliff mess gives him a "Lincoln moment," Obama said: "Well, no.

"Look, A, I never compare myself to Lincoln," Obama said during his Meet the Pressinterview this past weekend. "And, B, obviously the magnitude of theissues are quite different from the Civil War and slavery."

Obamasaid that, in his reading of history, democracy has "always been messy,"and the United States is "a big, diverse country that is constantlysort of arguing about all kinds of stuff. But eventually we do theright thing."

After forecasting a resolution to the fiscal cliff impasse, Obama added:

"Soone way or another, we'll get through this. Do I wish that things weremore orderly in Washington and rational and people listened to the bestarguments and compromised and operated in a more thoughtful andorganized fashion? Absolutely. But when you look at history that'sbeen the exception rather than the norm."