JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A happy ending came Friday for the staff and children at DLC Therapy & Care on Blanding Boulevard, just in time for Christmas.

Someone stole expensive playground equipment for children with special needs from the after-school program.

A local business stepped in to help after seeing a story about the theft on First Coast News.

Stephanie Hollis contacted the station to say her company, Solar Stik, would deliver a check to cover the cost of the stolen equipment. The check was delivered Friday.

"We just knew that we needed to make it right," Hollis said. "We've been blessed enough this year that we were able to reach out and help out people in our fellow community."

"I mean, the wonderful thing about this is we had said that the Grinch was here in Jacksonville, but there are angels here in Jacksonville, too," said Amy Buggle, executive director of DLC. "There are more angels than Grinches, that's for sure."

In addition to Solar Stik's donation, others in the community have stepped up to donate to DLC as well.