CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- All seven of Clay County's high schools received either an A or B grade when the state of Florida released grades for the 2011-2012 school year.

Gavin Rollins, Public Relations Officer for Clay County Public Schools, said the results show steady improvement in overall learning gains in reading. Rollins said scores also show significant growth in the performance of students taking advanced courses and industry certification exams.

Clay County Superintendent Charlie Van Zant said, "I am continually amazed by our teachers, administrators and staff. Each year they are being asked to do more, with less resources; yet they have once again met these challenges. It is also encouraging to see the progress in reading."

Rollins said Clay educators are pleased the state announced it had erroneously calculated the graduation rate for Clay high schools. The decrease in the graduation rate was the result of issues surrounding data reporting and the transfer of that date from the school district to the Florida Department of Education, Rollins said.

The FLDOE recalculated Clay's graduation rates which showed the schools are graduating more students eachyear, Rollins said.

Because of its grades, Clay County is designated as 1 of 14 districts in the state to earn the title of "Academically High Performing School District."

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