NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. -- A Lee County eagle cam went viral in just two short months.

In October, Dick Pritchett Real Estate spent thousands to install an infrared camera above an eagle's nest on their North Fort Myers property.

The images are broadcast live 24/7 on the internet.

The stream shows the two bald eagles nicknamed Harriet and Ozzie's every move.

Realtor Andy Pritchett told us Wednesday they can't believe how many people have logged on.

"The best part is watching them eat," said Pritchett.

He said the camera has already chronicled the animal's every triumph and challenge.

"Everybody has a fascination with eagles. Whether it is our nation's symbol or because they're magnificent creatures," remarked Pritchett.

Whether fending off intruders or hauling in dinner, the stream shows how the pair cares for their 2 eggs without realizing their every move is on display.

As of Wednesday afternoon, almost 500,000 people from 109 countries have streamed the North Fort Myers camera.

Kim Terbatoski who checks on the nest for Lee County told us she can't believe what has been caught on camera.

"It is remarkable. As an ecologist, it is interesting to watch from above," remarked Terbatoski.

She said before the live view she could only watch the action from the ground. Anyone with internet access can view it.

To catch Ozzie and Harriet, click or