COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Police plan to charge the mother of the babywho was reportedly found in a trash container in Colorado Springs onWednesday.

According to police, when they arrived on the scene in the300 block of Shadow Ridge Grove, they interviewed a 17-year-old girlwho reportedly found the baby.

It was determined later that she was the mother of the baby and that the baby was never "in or near the trash container."

According to 9NEWS Reporter Meagan Fitzgerald, the mom had the babyon Tuesday and went to take the trash out on Wednesday with the baby. Atthat point, she started screaming to get her mother's attention,claiming she had found the baby next to the Dumpster.

Meagan says the mom did not want to tell her mom that she had a baby and thought she could just say she found it.

The baby was placed in protective custody and looked to be 6- to 12-hours-old.

The mother of the infant may be charged with influencing a public official or false reporting.

The Colorado Springs Police Department wants to remind ColoradoSprings residents the State of Colorado has a Safe Haven Law, whichallows a parent to relinquish custody of a baby, 72 hours old or less,to an employee at a hospital or fire station without penalty ofprosecution.