Ford Motor is opting not to recall vehicles in Europe with the same1.6-liter EcoBoost turbocharged engine that is the focus of a recall inthe U.S.

"We conducted a thorough investigation of the vehicles inEurope with the 1.6-liter engine and determined there is no similarissue in Europe and no need for recall," Ford of Europe spokesman MarkTruby tells USA TODAY.

Ford reported earlier this week that it wasprobing seven fires in vehicles in Europe equipped with the engine. OnFriday, it ordered the recall of 73,320 2013 Ford Escape crossovers and15,833 Fusion sedans in the U.S. with the fuel-saving engine after 12fires were reported.

Owners of U.S. are being told to contacttheir dealers for loaner vehicles until Ford figures out what is causingoverheating, and the subsequent fires, and comes up with a solution.

Theengine under scrutiny is still being made in a United Kingdom factory.More than 80,000 have been made there since 2010 in six vehicles lines-- Ford Focus, C-Max, C-Max Grand, Mondeo, Galaxy and S-Max. Yetengineer there determined the fires didn't appear connected and norecall is deemed necessary.

In the U.S., Ford says in a letter tothe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that drivers receivedwarning on their vehicles' instrument panels that their cars wereoverheating before the fire began. No injuries have been reported.