MODESTO, Calif. -- A Modesto father is so convinced his son with epilepsyis doing far better now that he's on medicinal marijuana, he's speakingout.

"I give it to him three times a day. He's now on withdrawals from hismedications, from 22 pills a day toone and a half now. Every time wetake him off another pill, I'm getting my son back from being a zombieto being human again," said Jason David.

His son Jayden has a rare form of epilepsy.Violent seizures camefirst. The many medications he was given produced other problems, saidDavid.

"He couldn't chew, couldn't eat. He was lethargic all day long," he said.

Modesto policeLt. Rick Armendariz said when adults use medicinalmarijuana, based on a doctor's recommendation,the department doesn'tget involved.He said the department wouldhave "concerns" if a childwas being given the drug.

Davidsaid his son takes a type of marijuana that doesn't containTHC, the chemical that produces a high.He insists his son is only madehealthier fromhis use ofthe marijuana.It's kept in the refrigerator,and containedwithin a solid block of coconut oil David heats in themicrowave to turn into a liquid.