ORANGE, Calif. -- Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has been found incontempt of court and ordered to pay $500,000 in back child support tohis ex-wife, her attorney said Thursday.

The flamboyant basketballplayer known for his off-court antics was sentenced to informalprobation, his ex-wife's attorney, Mary Ann Noiroux, told City NewsService. Orange County Superior Court Commissioner Barry Michaelsonwarned Rodman could face jail time if he doesn't pay the child support,she said.

Rodman's attorney, Linnea Willis, didn't return an email from The Associated Press and a phone number did not take messages.

Anotherattorney for Rodman's ex-wife argued in court that Rodman owed hisex-wife, Michelle Rodman, about $850,000, but Linnea Willis, the formerNBA standout's attorney, challenged that figure, Noiroux said.

The two sides met outside court and agreed to $500,000, which Michaelson approved, Noiroux said.

Dennis and Michelle Rodman must still work out custody and visitation for their two pre-teen children: a son and a daughter.

A trial is set for Jan. 24 on those issues, but the two hope to work out an agreement before the court date, Noiroux said.

This isn't the first time Dennis Rodman has been found in contempt.

Rodman,recognizable by his facial piercings and his hair that's died inbrilliant colors, was ordered to perform 104 hours of community servicein May after being found guilty of four counts of contempt for failureto pay child support for 2009 and 2010. He is completing that work inFlorida, where he lives.

The legal battle between Rodman and his former spouse began in 2004, when Michelle Rodman filed for divorce.

DennisRodman was a bad-boy star of the Detroit Pistons and won three NBAchampionships with the Chicago Bulls. He was inducted into the NBA Hallof Fame last year.

The eccentric athlete who once dated Madonnaand was briefly married to Carmen Electra lived in California's OrangeCounty before moving to Florida.

He frequently attracted the attention of police with loud parties at his Newport Beach residence.