Sen. Marco Rubio tried Wednesday to clear up his stance on theEarth's age, after getting into some hot water when asked about thetopic during a magazine interview.

"Science says it's about fourand a half billion years old and my faith teaches that that's notinconsistent," the Florida Republican said at a breakfast sponsored by Politico.

"Thetheological debate is how do you reconcile what science has definitelyestablished with what you think your faith teaches," Rubio continued."For me, actually, when it comes to the age of the Earth there is noconflict: I believe that in the beginning God created the heavens andthe Earth and I think scientific advances give us insight into when hedid it and how he did it."

In an interview with GQmagazine, Rubio gave a rambling answer that side-stepped the specificquestion on the Earth's age as he discussed that he is "not a scientist"and acknowledged a "dispute among theologians." He ended his responseby saying "it's one of the great mysteries."

Rubio got drubbed inthe liberal blogosphere, highlighting the sensitive debate overevolution vs. creationism -- the view that God created the world.

Rubio told the Politico audience on Wednesday that he doesn't "regret" what he told GQ-- but wishes he would have given "a better answer, a more succinctanswer." The senator also noted that he was talking to the magazineabout hip hop and then the discussion jumped to the age of the Earth.

"I'm not a robot," he said. "I got caught off guard, I guess."