JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- New home construction on the First Coast is showing signs of rebounding based onbuilding permits and contractors involved in the housing trade.

The Northeast Florida Builders Associationsays through October 2012, more than 3,500 permits have been issued which is 350 more than all of last year. The counties included in the report include Clay, Nassau, Duval and St. Johns.

"Things are on the move for all our customers. It is not just one or two, it's all of them," said Carmel Morris whose company Allstate Electrical is heavily involved in new home construction.

Morris says improved demand for work allowed him in recent months to hire nearly two dozen electricians.

"Most of them have been unemployed for two years and they are anxious to go back to work," said Morris.

In North Jacksonville, Yellow Bluff Landing is seeing new signs of life with crews busy prepping lots fornewhomes and others boxing in homes in the final stages of completion.

Russ Monahan installs garage doors and says work has been steady. He is encouraged by the changing landscape when making service calls.

"Use to be put doors on one house and there was not another house being built. Now as you going back seeing three or four houses being built while you are working on one," said Monahan.

In recent years permits issuedhave hovered around 3,000 a year. The construction boom on the First Coast and across Florida was in 2005. That year locally nearly 18,000 were issued by building departments.