Rocco and David have a new baby sister.

Madonna's ex, directorGuy Ritchie, and his fiancee Jacqui Ainsley welcomed a daughter totheir family this week. The newest Ritchie was born in London.

"Wecan confirm that Guy and Jacqui are the proud parents of a new babygirl. Mother and baby are doing well," Ritchie's rep said in astatement, per

The couple are also the parents of Rafael, 1.

Ritchiesplit from his very famous spouse Madonna in 2008; the two are raisingsons Rocco and David together. The boys split their time between Englandand New York City.

Professionally, things are also on the upswing for the filmmaker. He directed the two hit Sherlock Holmes flicks, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.