high school custodian accused of secretly videotaping students and teachers

with hidden cameras he installed throughout the school was charged Wednesday.

Authorities said those on camera at at Gloucester Catholic High School were often in various states of undressing.

JohnMartin, 41, was charged with third-degree invasion of privacy after heturned himself in to police Wednesday afternoon. He was later releasedon the condition he stays away from the high school, students and staff.

Martinset up the cameras, which were approximately a quarter-inch indiameter, in eight rooms, including classrooms, the school's choir room,weight room, backstage area, maintenance facilities and football area.

Accordingto the Camden County Prosecutor's Office, the cameras were hiddeninside ventilation ducts and smoke detectors. Most of the images andrecordings are of female students and teachers.

"GloucesterCatholic High School is committed to the safety and security of ourstudents," school officials said in a statement released Wednesday. "Weare gratified to have been able to work with law enforcement toeliminate the misuse of the school's security cameras."

Martin, who worked as the chief custodian for 18 years, was alsoresponsible for the school's video surveillance system. Authorities saidthe cameras, installed without the school's knowledge, were linked tothe existing video security system at Gloucester Catholic.

Martin resigned from his job at the school Nov. 21 after beinginterviewed by investigators. Authorities said a witness, who has seenthe pictures, informed law enforcement last week.

Martin is alleged to have been found in possession of hours of videofootage and a large cache of pictures which appear to be screenshotstaken with his cellphone from the video. Authorities believe he did notsell the videos or make them available over the Internet.

Pictures were, however, shown to at least two other people. But thenumber of images Martin possessed, who he distributed them to, and howlong he was recording people at the school is still under investigation.

The prosecutor's office and school staff are reviewing the video toidentify the people in the recordings. Anyone identified either has beenor will be contacted by law enforcement.

Parents were notified of the incident Tuesday in a letter sent by Principal John T. Coleman.

Authorities said more charges against Martin and others are possible.