RALEIGH, N.C. -- When Clinton Caudle decided to propose to Huntley Edwards, his girlfriend of three years, he knew he wanted it to be special.

He and his friends set up more than 100 LED lights inside Mason jars and hung them from a tree on her family's farm. Little did he know that their proposal would go viral on Reddit and be picked up by the Huffington Post.

"I was shocked. I knew it was beautiful. I didn't know when I was putting it together how beautiful it would be. I mean, sitting there under the tree, I knew it was pretty and I knew we were going to get pictures. It was worth sharing," Caudle said. "The fact that it's going viral I think is great, but it's nice that I'm able to share how we got engaged with so many people."

Caudle said he had been thinking about how to execute the proposal for quite a while.

"The actual proposal ... I've had in my head for a while. She had mentioned the idea of lights in a tree a few years ago and I sort of stored that away and it kind of built on over time," Caudle said. " ... I knew it was going to be the farm and then I knew, well, being at her tree would be a good spot for it."

Edwards said she knew what was going on when Caudle invited her to the farm.

"I knew he was going to propose around Thanksgiving time and it was like a week before. So when he invited me out to Rocky Mount, which there's nothing else up there except my father's farm, I knew what was going on right away," she said.

Caudle said he was not trying to one-up other boyfriends out there. He just wanted to do something sweet and thoughtful for his now fiancee.

"All I wanted to do was do something nice for Alyce, for Huntley, and I succeeded in that, so that's what counts."

The two plan on getting married in 2014 under the very same tree where they got engaged.