JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Cub Scouts Pack 182 was ready to welcome home pack leader "Mr. Craig" on Tuesday night after an eight-month tour in Afghanistan.

The Cub Scouts were up past their bed time and dressed in full uniform at the Jacksonville International Airport to greet Mr. Craig aka Craig Rosen. Rosen's son, Spencer Rosen, was among the pack.

The flight was scheduled to arrive at 9:45 p.m., but was delayed.

Rosen, who serves in the Navy, chronicled his often funny experiences on Facebook so his followers felt as if they were along for the ride, said Sherry Spearman, Pack 182's interim secretary.

Spearman shared some of Rosen's posts:

"Halloween. My halloween was spent at the Thai restaurant saying good bye to a couple of guys who have finally earned their freedom from this wacky place."

"The super-fresh haircut was a special treat from the Korean barbershop. I had sat down right after a highly motivated Marine who asked for a high and tight. I tried to preface my chop with the words "I am a Navy guy" but I think it was lost in the translation."