JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- For Karen Chaires, finding a full time job has not been easy. She's tried Walmart and Target and several other places.

"I have even applied for a dog walking job, I can't find a job no matter where I look. ... I was just looking for a cashier job, that's all I want, just give me a job," she said.

She has been working as an office assistant, but her hours got cut back to just 20 a month two years ago.

And, last August, her husband Thomas, who ran the family landscaping business, died.

Now her 19-year-son Billy tries to keep the business going. But, during the winter things really slow down.

Reporter: "Have you ever had a a Christmas this bad?"

"No this is gonna be the worst one," she said.

Her plea ...

"I am willing to take on any job, I have to do just so I can continue to take car of my family, what's left of it," she said.

Chaires is just one of many who contacted First Coast News on Facebook looking for a job.

And, we'd really like to help her and the rest of you who need a job to find one.

So, If you know of a local company that's hiring, just let us know in our Holiday Hires section of