Did serial killer Glen Rogers help kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in 1994?

That's the conclusion of My Brother The Serial Killer, a two-hour TV documentary premiering Wednesday on the Investigation Discovery channel

"I'mabsolutely certain my brother killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman,"says Glen's brother, Clay Rogers of Hamilton, Ohio, in the film.

Producer-directorDavid Monaghan has been researching the possible connection since heattended Rogers' 1997 murder trial in Tampa. The former Hamilton, Ohio,taxi driver is serving two death sentences for two 1995 murders ? thestabbing of Tina Cribbs in a Tampa motel and the strangulation of SandraGallagher of Van Nuys, Calif.

Glen Rogers made headlinesnationwide when he was captured on Nov. 13, 1995 ? driving Cribbs' car aweek after her murder ? after a 15-mile high-speed chase by KentuckyState Police near Richmond, Ky.

At the time of his arrest, Rogersclaimed he had killed 70 victims. Filmmaker Monaghan says he was "veryskeptical" about the Simpson claim until he heard that Rogers, whileworking as a painter in Los Angeles, had told his brother Clay andsister Sue Rogers of Hamilton in early 1994 that he had met Nicole BrownSimpson.

That was months before her death.

Clay Rogers,interviewed extensively, says in the film: "Glen told me when he called,'Guess who I'm partying with? Nicole Simpson!' Actually what he told mewas 'They've got money, they're well off, and I'm taking her down.' "

O.J.Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of the bloody stabbing deaths of ex-wifeNicole and her friend Goldman on June 12, 1994, in front of NicoleSimpson's Brentwood home. The murders remain unsolved.

In the film narrated by Clay Rogers, Monaghan connects Glen Rogers to the murder this way:

• Glen Rogers had access to a white pickup truck like the one seen near Nicole Simpson's home that night.

• Police never could identify a second set of bloody shoe prints at the murder scene.

•Glen Rogers told his sister and the sister of Linda Price, one of hisalleged victims in Jackson, Miss., he did work for Simpson in her house.

•In one of his hundreds of letters to criminal profiler Anthony Meoli,Glen Rogers says O.J. Simpson paid him to steal diamond earrings theformer football star gave to his wife.

"Glen told me that O.J.'s instructions were, 'You may have to kill the b-----,' " Meoli says.

Monaghan,who has not spoken to Glen Rogers, said the death row inmate "providedvery specific details about the killings" and confirmed otherinformation to Meoli.

Glen Rogers' claims about the Simpson-Goldman murders are not new. The New York Post first reported them in 1996.

"I spent a very long time checking to see if it was true. I was willing to discount everything Glen Rogers said," Monaghan said.

Van Nuys authorities heard about Rogers' claim years ago in a letter from a prisoner who knew Rogers.

"Weimmediately forwarded it to the O.J. Simpson prosecutors," says LeaPurwin D'Agostino, Van Nuys deputy district attorney, in the film.

Former Cincinnati Enquirer reporter John Eckberg, who co-wrote a book called Road Dogabout Glen Rogers in 2003, says he did long-distance research aboutRogers' Simpson-Goldman allegations but couldn't nail it down.

"We suspected it. I firmly believe he probably was involved in some way, shape or form," Eckberg says.

Hamilton Police knew the Rogers brothers very well, Hamilton Police spokesman Tom Kilgour says.

Narcotics officers often paid Glen Rogers as a drug informant to set up buys, Kilgour says.

ClayRogers' relationship with his brother changed after Clay Rogers foundthe body of Glen Rogers's roommate ? Mark Peters, 72, a retiredelectrician ? wrapped in a curtain in the Rogers family cabin nearBeattyville, Ky. Clay Rogers, who had heard his brother boast severaltimes that he had killed 50 people, led Hamilton police to the body.

"I came to the realization I wasn't turning in my brother. I was turning in a serial killer," Clay Rogers says in the film.

GlenRogers was never charged with Peters' murder. He was also a suspect in ?but never charged ? with two other brutal stabbing deaths in fall 1995while en route from California to Tampa:

• Price, 34, in Jackson, Miss.

• Andy Jiles Sutton, 37, in Bossier City, La.

And there could be many more, Monaghan told The Enquirer. Glen Rogers indicated "three innocent men are on death row for killings he committed," Monaghan says.

"It'smy hope that authorities in California, Ohio and Kentucky would re-openthe Glen Rogers case and look again at the number of victims GlenRogers may have claimed. I'd be happy to cooperate," Monaghan says.

"GlenRogers' claim of having killed 70 people is believable. He wasliterally able to get away with murder for years," Monaghan says.