JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Black Friday warriors are rounding up the troops and coming up with plans for attack for the biggest shopping day of the year.

The Thanksgiving table is turning into a command post for Black Friday shoppers and it's where all the battle planning begins.

"After Thanksgiving, we clear the table, everybody gets their ads out, everybody makes a list of where they want to be and what time they need to be there," said Connie Lyons, a Black Friday shopper from Mandarin.

Lyons started the tradition in her family 33 years ago and her entire shoppingteam has saved thousands of dollars through the years.

"We all communicate through cell phones. We don't have walkie talkies but we do have cell phones and we all have each other on speed dial," said Jacque Crawford, Lyons' sister-in-law and fellow Black Friday shopper.

Each one of them makes their own list and they say they always get everything they planned to shop for.

"The boots were the big thing last year. We got them for $19.99. One of the pictures we show one of the girls got likesix orseven pairs and they were really excited," said Crawford.

Another one of FCN's Black Friday warriors is Tory Hamlin. She's been shopping on Black Friday for 16 years and said besides dealing with the rush of shoppers, this year the biggest challenge is that some stores are opening earlier.

"Thanksgiving is a time for you to be with your families not be greedy and you know, it's almost like where did the holiday go?" said Hamlin.

Hamlinis using her Black Friday phone app to sort through products in different stores and make a plan for action. These warriors shop hard .. .and most of them tell their spouses not to expect them till the deals are done.

"They know not to expect us till pretty much Saturday actually," says Crawford.

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