JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Shoppers are already camping out for the biggest shopping day of the year and stores are prepping up for huge crowds.

"Ahh it's just kind ofnice. People walking by asking what are you going to get, andit's kind ofnice just being first," said Spencer Bennett, a shopper already camping out at Best Buy in Regency, five days before Black Friday.

Two tents arealready in line at Best Buy in Regency and that's going to be the story across the country leading up to Black Friday. The National Retail Federation expects 147 million shoppers to spend money throughout the weekend. And on average, consumers are expected to spend $750 each.

"It's very exciting. These next couple of weeks is what makes or breaks our year for us. Like I said, we prepare all year round for this day. We train our employees, we build up a good customer base and make sure theywant to come and see us when they want to get their holiday gifts," says Angela Birch, General Manager at Best Buy in Regency.

Bennett and his family got in line five days before the big shopping day and expect to save hundreds of dollars by buying electronics on Black Friday.

"Between theTV, laptop,and tablet, like $700," says Bennett.

This year Bennett is planning on buying a 40 inch TV for $179 -- a deal he says he couldn't resist.

"Oh yea, I don't make $700 in four days so yeah, I plan on buying this stuff anyway. It's kind of like a big coupon," said Bennett as he discusses his savings.

Stores like Best Buy are working on their organization and making sure the merchandise is visible and easy to find for customers. At The Avenues mall, shoppers can expect to begin their hunt earlier this year as the mall plans to open up at midnight on Friday. And whether it's at midnight or 8 p.m. or 9p.m. on Thanksgiving, Black Friday shoppers say it's worth the hassle.

"I've studied it for years. These are the lowest prices you will ever see," said Tory Hamlin, a Black Friday shopper.