Her name is Allyn Rose. She's 24. A Miss America contestant.

AndRose, a Maryland native who is representing Washington, D.C., is goingto have a double mastectomy after the January pageant.

Manyof the women in her family have died of breast cancer, she says, soshe's opting for the surgery as a preventive measure. Her mom, she said,was diagnosed at age 27, and died when Rose was 16. Her grandmotheralso died of breast cancer.

This morning on Good Morning America, Rose explained, "It's incredibly drastic, but at the same time it's something that can help prolong my life."

Sheadded, "I'd rather do something that helps me be here for my children,that helps me be able to live a long and healthy life."

She hashad doctors tell her that it's something she could wait to do later, butshe cites her mom. "It's not a risk I'm willing to take."

When her dad told her, "I don't want you to end up dead like your mother," that made her take the "proactive" route.

As for the beauty pageant world, she says, "This probably will be my last pageant."

GMA'sRobin Roberts, who is a breast cancer survivor, tweeted support forRose while she was on the air: "Proud of Miss DC @AllynRose, beingproactive in fighting breast cancer. Admire your courage & candorsharing your decision w/ us. Blessings"

The Miss America Pageant airs live on ABC on Jan. 12. Rose told Peoplemagazine that if she's crowned the winner, she'll wait to have theprocedure and reconstructive surgery once her year-long reign is up inJanuary 2014. Should she lose, she'll have the surgery in June.