JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An Arlington neighborhood watch organization is putting homeowners on "high alert" with signs asking them to be on guard.

In the past 30 days, a neighborhood off Merrill Road bordered by University Boulevard and Cesery Boulevard has been hit at least 18 times by burglars, according to crime mapped by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office on its website.

"We cannot prevent it, but we can sure help keep police of aware of it," said Jack Esarey with the Cesery Woods Neighborhood Watch group.

Esarey said drainage ditches are part of the problem. They run though neighborhoods, affording burglars opportunitiesto gain access to the rear entrances of homes.

Pablo Cortes says he doesn't belong to a neighborhood watchgroup, but is very aware of what has been happening in part of Arlington.

"Try to keep an eye out for each other," Cortes said of the best wayfor homeowners to help police.