Cheryl Burke says she has been so busy dancing she hasn't had time for dating.

And that's why the pro, who is paired with NFL star Emmitt Smith this season, has been talking about taking a spin as The Bachelorette.

Access Hollywoodasked Burke, 28, about the buzz after Monday's menage a trois show andthe dancer confirmed that she has talked to ABC execs about thepossibility.

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"We met over the summer and it's something that I would possibly be interested in doing," she told Access. "We'll see what happens in the future."

Asfor why she hasn't found someone to date, she added, "It's been a fewyears of not even going on a date and just being really married to mywork... we're rehearsing like 23 hours a week. We're traveling back andforth. It's been hard to really actually focus on my personal life."

Adding, "I wouldn't mind doing that for a season."

And she wouldn't mind having the show do all the dirty work.

"I've been so unlucky with dates for myself," she told Access. "So why not have someone else pick them for me!"

Meanwhile, E! reported earlier this week that Cheryl was "begging" to be on the show and an unnamed source said "it's never gonna happen."