It's a rare interview when NicoleKidman opens up, even a little, about her failed marriage to three-timemarriage failure Tom Cruise. But somehow, the new luxury mag


has managed the trick.

Oscar-winner Kidman, the Australian beauty and mother of four, is onthe cover of the Winter issue, looking remarkably like Grace Kelly(which is not coincidental), under the headline "Triumphant."

And no wonder: She's thrilled with her second husband, Aussiecountry crooner Keith Urban, she's been healed by motherhood and givingbirth (to Sunday Rose in 2008), and her own mother remains the mostimportant influence in her life.

Inside, she chats with writer and former Hollywood actress Patrica Bosworth for a lavishly illustratedarticle(styled by L'Wren Scott and photographed by Patrick Demarchelier) thattouches on her fashion, family and religion, plus Cruise, whom shemarried in 1990 when she was 23.

She fell hard for him, sheadmits. "I was totally smitten ? I fell madly, passionately in love,"she said. "I was reeling with Tom. I would have gone to the ends of theearth for him." But looking back on it now, she adds, "I was soimpulsive and naïve."

And later, they became dependent on one another. "We were in a bubble, just the two of us."

Thereare hints of why the marriage might have gone wrong after nearly 10years. Cruise, after all, is the most famous Scientologist in the world.Kidman grew up in a different kind of religion.

"We were aclose-knit family ? still are," she says. Boswell explains she wasraised Catholic and remains devout, and still strongly influenced by theTen Commandments, "which I still live by today," she says.

Oddly,considering she's a red-carpet champ with the ideal figure and statureto show off a designer's best creations, she doesn't consider herself afashion icon. "Oh, no I'm not!" she protests. "I love fashion, but Idon't think I'm fashionable ? I mean, not in my private life."

Buther private life is great, she says. "My life changed (when she marriedUrban in 2006)," she says. "He is a wonderful, caring man and he makesme feel secure. We don't ever like to be separated."

So why is Kidman so chatty? Possibly it's to do with Grace of Monaco, due in 2014, in which she plays Hollywood star-turned-Princess Grace

Dujour, by the way, is the new quarterly and online lifestyle publication from media mogol Jason Binn launched this fall.