JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville man who went to help with security in New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy ended up in court Sunday after spending a night behind bars.

His wife says he should have never been arrested.

"I'm angry. I am so angry that they can treat someone like this," said Leah Doyal.

Her husband, Robert Doyal, drove to New York the day after Sandy hit with an emergency response team to help provide security in areas that lost power.

Robert was flying back home Saturday night from LaGuardiaAirport due to afamily emergency, and that's when his wife says the nightmare began.

"His grandma called me about seven to inform me he was detained and arrested at LaGuardia for having a baton...I freaked out. I was in shock. I didn't know what to do," Leah said.

He was booked on a misdemeanor weapons charge.

While nightsticks and billy clubs are allowed in checked luggage, theTransportation Security Administation bans them from being in carried-on baggage.

The agency according to Leah called Port Authority Police who made the arrest in New York, a state with strict weapons laws.

"I don't understand how after he showed them his credentials, I was told security officers and police officers were allowed to have batons, but he had every credential he needed and they still took him to jail," she explained.

Robert went to court Sunday. His wife says when he explained what happened to the public defender, she talked to the judge and told Robert the charge will be dropped.

As for why he had the baton, Leah said her husband didn't even realize it was in his carry-on baggage.

"My husband went there to help. That's what he does. He loves helping people," she said.

First for You: We've linked a list of TSA's prohibited items to our website. You can also download the free MyTSA app to your smartphone or iPad to have the prohibited items list handy.