FAIRFAX, Va. -- Mitt Romney's presidential campaign was scheduled toconclude Monday with a rally in Manchester, N.H., with thousands ofcheering supporters and a performance by musician Kid Rock.

Now it will end in a steel town.

Romneywill spend the final hours of the 2012 campaign rallying supporters inPittsburgh and Cleveland -- Pennsylvania and Ohio being two states wheresome polls show the Republican nominee and President Obama in a closebattle.

Romney adviser Stuart Stevens said there would be millionsof volunteers helping Romney to get out the vote on Election Day, andRomney wanted to be able to be with and thank them in person.

But his last-minute change of plans is yet another sign of a tight election.

Onhis last full day of campaigning, Romney held five events in fourstates - stopping in airplane hangars in Sanford, Fla., and Lynchburg,Va., before heading to the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Va. - where 8,500supporters cheered inside the hall and 2,000 listened in from outside,according to the campaign.

There, Romney brought up the card-checkissue. The legislation would change procedures to make it easier forworkers to recognize a union. Pushed at the beginning of Obama's term,it was abandoned when it hit a dead end in the Democratic-controlledHouse. Obama was a sponsor of the bill as a senator.

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"Howabout his plan to require companies to have unions whether theemployees want to vote for them or not? Card check! Does that createjobs?" Romney asked as a part of his criticism of the president'spolicies.

"No," the crowd replied.

After the rally inFairfax, Romney traveled to Columbus, Ohio, and planned to end the dayin New Hampshire, the state where he launched his campaign in June2011, at an 11 p.m. rally in Manchester.

As Romney spoke, the crowd chanted, "One more day! One more day!"

After the rally in Florida, Romney taped a video message that will air on Monday Night Football this evening.

Throughoutthe weekend, Romney reminded voters in key swing states the importanceof not only voting themselves but getting their friends and neighbors tothe polls as well. In Florida, the message was no different.

"Look,we have one job left, and that's to make sure that on Election Day ... wemake certain that everybody who is qualified to vote, gets out tovote," Romney said. "We need every single vote in Florida."

As hetraveled from state to state, Romney was surrounded by close advisers -including his brother Scott Romney, longtime friend Bill White, senioradvisers Ron Kaufman and Kevin Madden, strategist Russ Schriefer,Spencer Zwick and Romney's national finance director and policydirector, Lanhee Chen, among others. His wife, Ann, joined him at theFairfax stop.

Romney press secretary Rick Gorka said the mood in the front cabin was "light" and said there was "a lot of reminiscing."

"It'sbeen an incredible journey," he said. "We are very, very, excited forthese last events today (and) very, very, optimistic about our chancestomorrow.