Kim Kardashian showed off her slinky curves as Catwoman for Halloween. But Jenny MCarthy was pure sex kitten.

Wearing little more than lingerie and a mask, the six-time Playboymodel hit the red carpet last night in Las Vegas to flaunt what she'sgot and celebrate her 40th birthday (which is today) at GalleryNightclub at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

McCarthy admits she's wrestling with turning 40 in a first-person piece in the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Turning40, I noticed I'm in the midst of a minor mid-life crisis," she writes."I bought a sports car, started dating young guys and I'm twirling glowsticks at night clubs with kids that could be my own if I had one in myyouth. I know it's stupid, but I'm not alone. I just notice I'm takingon the characteristics of a 40-year-old guy's mid-life crisis, not thetypical girl kind."

But she adds, "Even though age comes withmorbid conditions, I must say, it's worth it for the wisdom that yougain. Sounds a little yoda-ish, but all the years of self- realizationand work I've done on myself makes me ok with where I'm at in my life. Iknow who I am, I work my (rear) off to provide for my boy, I have anamazing son and we are both healthy. What better present can I possiblyask for? Okay, Bradley Cooper in my shower right now would be a prettyawesome birthday gift."