JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Donations continued to pour in Sunday for Operation Sandy Relief.

First Coast News, Mission Harvest, and the United Way launchedtheprojectfive days ago.

Many peoplewho weren't even going to Sunday's Jaguars game braved the traffic downtown to bring items to the donation truck outside First Coast News.

In the end, more than three trucks were filled with supplies for victims of Hurricane Sandy in the northeast.

"I'm from Brooklyn. I am going to start crying.Alot of my family lost their possessions. Everybody is healthy and safe, but I wanted to do all I could for my community back home. I am always going to be a New Yorker," said Alicia Jones.

She fought game-day traffic to get to the East Adams Street drop-off location.

Britanny Henne, wife of Jaguars reserve quarterback Chad Henne, collected a packed-van full of goods from players' wives at the stadium.

A phone bankdrive raised more than $11,000 for the Red Cross. Meanwhile, cash donations were well over a $1,000 at the truck.

First Coast News would like to thankeveryone fortheir donations. The first of the donationswill be trucked to New Jersey Monday.