It turned out to be not a mission impossible to get onto Tom Cruise's property.

Atrespasser climbed a fence to gain access to the actor's Beverly Hillsestate. And police say a security guard promptly used a taser to stopthe would-be prowler, reports AP. Cruise, 50, wasn't home at the time.

Theman turned out to be an intoxicated neighbor who may have mistakenlyentered the property. Lt. Lincoln Hoshino told AP the confrontationhappened around about 9:30 p.m. PT Sunday when the actor and his familyweren't home.

The officer tells City News Service that the man wasidentified as a 41-year-old neighbor who lives in an adjacent property,and was drunk at the time.

Entertainment Tonight reports the man was arrested for trespassing and treated at a hospital for any problems stemming from the stun gun.