KEANSBURG, NJ - Governor Chris Christie made the East Keansburg Fire Station on Thompson Avenue one of his stops during a series of briefings on the state's preparation efforts concerning tropical storm Sandy.

Yesterday, Christie directed cabinet officials to mobilize preparations for a coordinated response to the storm that is trending towards an impact on the East Coast.

Christie urged all residents to take the time now - ahead of the storm - to activate and supply their family preparedness plans and to closely monitor the track of Hurricane Sandy.

"While Sandy's exact track is still uncertain, New Jersey has the potential to experience a major impact from high winds, heavy rain, flooding and power outages," Christie said.

"That's why it's important from the State level on down to prepare in advance of this serious storm. The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management's Hurricane Survival Guide is available to residents online with important information about emergency preparedness. Now, ahead of any potential impact of Sandy, is the time for families to ensure they are prepared and are tuned in for the latest path of the storm for our coast. I encourage all of our families to stay informed, get ready, and reach out to those you know who may be isolated, or in need of extra assistance during adverse conditions."

The State Emergency Operations Center was activated yesterday to coordinate preparations related to the storm.