JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- They're at it again for the fifth month in a row. The cruisers on Main Street will be heading out again this Saturday night to show off their rides.

Some have been coming every fourth Saturday of the month since June.

"Look around at the people who are really enjoying each other with no cost to it. Just down here having a good time," said Ronnie Edge.

Others are cruising newbies.

"We haven't been down here before. Tonight is the first night. It's great," said Terry Anderson.

Many cruised Main Street years ago during high school ... hanging out at Krystal.

Now, they're returning and reliving those years.

"I met my husband on Main Street," said Nellie Gatlin.

"When was that?"

"I ain't sayin' ... " Gatlin said.

Many Springfield residents are excited to see the change here on Saturday nights

So after the Georgia Florida game the cruisers invite everyone to cruise Main Street no matter what your ride.