JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jonetta Pendergrass, a single mother, has her her faith restored in people. A few weeks ago she had a bad experience with a tow truck company, Eddie's Towing.

"I'm devastated because me and my son have to take this loss," Pendergrass said at the time.

Shehired Eddie's Towing to haul her broken down Chevy Impala and her vehicle fell off the tow truck at a traffic light.

"I was like 'oh my gosh,'" she said, recalling how she watched it happen.

The 2002 Impala was so badly damaged, she couldn't drive it and didn't have theinsurance coverage to repair, and Eddie Williams was uninsured.

"I want my car back, but I don't think this is going to happen," said a tearful Pendergrass after the incident.

Eddie Williams, the owner of Eddie's Towing waselusive and evasive.

But two local business men were not. Darren Carr of Bell's Automotive and Ernie Fogarty of Bayview Collision center saw what happened and stepped up to help.

"It just really moved me and I felt like she needed some help," said Carr.

It took a few weeks, but they have given Pendergrass her 2002 Impala and she almost didn't recognize it because it looked brand new.

"I guess restored is the word to use," said Carr. "We actually restored her car and got her looking like brand new."

Bayview Collision restored the damaged body.

"There's a new paint job on the front and the rear andnew bumper," said Carr.

And Bell's Automotive restored the damaged engine.

"We put new tires, brakes," said Carr, "belts and did a lot of work under the engine."

They pitched in new door handles, headlights, far beyond what Pendergrass expected. Carr said now she has a second chance; she just started a new job and was afraid no transportation would take a toll.

"I'd put my mother in this car drive it up to to New York, California," said Carr. "It is really good to go now now, it is a really safe car."

Because they saw the story on First Coast News On Your Side these businesses, Bell's Automotive and Bayview Collision decided to make a difference in someone's life and they did.