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1:07PM EST October 11. 2012 - Thevotes have been counted. The majority of college football fans wouldrather sit next to Mitt Romney than President Obama at their team'supcoming home game, according to the Discover Fan Loyalty Poll.

Thepoll, which is conducted by Rasmussen Reports, found that 53 percent offans would elect to sit elbow to elbow with Romney while 42 percentwould choose Obama.

Obama did take home the key battleground ofthe Big Ten, earning 52 percent of the vote among fans of thatconference; Romney earned 43 percent of the Big Ten's vote.

PerhapsRomney's weak showing in Big Ten country can be explained by his lackof support among college football fans in the state of Ohio.

OnMay 5, 2011, Romney told a crowd at the University of Michigan that he"has been a Michigan and a Wolverine fan for a long, long time."

MICHIGAN FAN: Romney roots for the Wolverines

Hisstatement was used in a campaign ad sponsored by the Ohio DemocraticParty that ran in last Friday's edition of The Lantern, Ohio State'sstudent newspaper. It's tough for a Michigan man to win in Ohio.

ButRomney owned the rest of the automatic qualifiers, defeating Obamaamong fans from the SEC, Pac-12 (where he received 59 percent of thevote), Big East, Big 12 and ACC.

Romney also topped Obama inanother category: Which presidential candidate would you rather have buya round of drinks for the crowd at your team's next home game?

Fiftypercent of respondents chose Romney while 39 percent selected Obama.Even the Big Ten chose Romney, but not with a majority vote: 48 percentfor Romney, 42 percent for Obama.

You know what's the correctanswer to the question of which candidate you rather have buy a round ofdrinks? Both. All of the above. Either one. It's a free round ofdrinks. Don't turn it down.