KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- (WBIR) Mother Nature needed a little help Tuesday morning, when a deer was discovered tangled up in a soccer goal.

Two men spotted the young doe in trouble on the soccer field at theEpiscopal School of Knoxville around 8:30 am. She was lying on theground, wrapped up in the netting, and couldn't free herself. They haveno idea how long she was trapped.

Greg Turnbow and Gary Phillips, Jr. knew they had to try to freeher. With the help of Mathew Luce, who works at the school, they wereable to hold the deer down and carefully cut away the netting and freethe doe.

"The way she was struggling she was going to lose consciousnesspretty quickly," said Luce. "Her neck was tied up and constricted. So itwas good we got there when we did."

When she was loose, she took off running into some nearby woods, and didn't appear injured.

Phillips captured the rescue on his camera phone, and shared the video with us.