JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A man has been arrested and charged with murder after police say he fatally stabbed his neighbor.

Travis Devon Watkins, 44, was arrested Wednesday night in the stabbing of his neighbor Jeremiah Luke Brooks, 28. Watkins was using alcohol at the time of the incident, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrest report.

Watkins was visiting Brooks' house in the 8200 block of Dandy Avenue around 6 p.m. Wednesday and the two were arguing when Watkins told Brooks jokingly that he was going to "(expletive) with him," according to the report.

After Watkins pushed him, Brooks said they should take it outside if they were going to fight. Brooks went outside while Watkins went into the kitchen and grabbed a silver knife, the report said.

When Watkins came outside, Brooks turned away from him. A witness then saw Watkins drop the knife and Brooks said, "Help me, help me," as he was bleeding. Before walking back to his house, Watkins threw the knife towards Brooks' house. It was later recovered from the roof.

Watkins' wife and roommate said he told them he was going to jail because he stabbed someone, the report said. He was arrested just after 10 p.m.