On Saturday, Dave Grohl told a Central Park concert crowdthat the Foo Fighters didn't have any more dates lined up. In August,he told a crowd in Britain it was "the last show for a long time."

And now, the band's frontman is reassuring fans the group isn't breaking up, but he is confirming that they're going on hiatus.

In a letter, he says,

"...I can't give up this band. And I never will. Because it's not just aband to me. It's my life. It's my family. It's my world.

"Yes ... Iwas serious. I'm not sure when the Foo Fighters are going to playagain. It feels strange to say that, but it's a good thing for all of usto go away for a while. It's one of the reasons we're still here. Makesense? I never want to NOT be in this band. So, sometimes it's good tojust ... put it back in the garage for a while ...

"But, nogold watches or vacations just yet ... I'll be focusing all of my energyon finishing up my Sound City documentary film and album for worldwiderelease in the very near future. A year in the making, it could be thebiggest, most important project I've ever worked on. Get ready ... it'scoming. Me, Taylor, Nate, Pat, Chris, and Rami ... I'm sure we'll allsee you out there ... somewhere...

"Thank you, thank you, thank you ... Dave"