NAVAL STATION MAYPORT, Fla. -- Seventy female military veterans will wrap up their two day golf competition at Naval Station Mayport today.

The annual event travels to a new course every year for what participants call the "Ruptured Duck" tournament.

"Ruptured Duck" is the name veterans gave to the World War II discharge pin because they claimed the eagle flying through a circle looked more like a misshapen mallard. However, the golfers think it was a perfect name for the tournament, because the duck symbolizes the end of your tour of duty.

The veterans said the tournament is a way for them to reconnect with women they served with and even those who they never knew before.

"It doesn't matter if we were in a different branch of the service," explained Sharon Leonard, who served in the Navy for 25 years. "We still experienced the same thing."

"It's very special to be amongst these people who have done such amazing things on behalf of our country," said Wendy Gee who was leading the tournament with a score of 80 after the first round.

Gee said the tournament can be competitive, but playing golf is just another way to bond with her fellow servicewomen.

"We're here for fun and camaraderie, but we do play golf and we take it pretty serious - just until we post the score and then it's all fun," laughed Gee.