JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Break out your tennis shoes!

It is International Walk to School Day! The goal is to get kids up and moving in the morning which helps their physical fitness, raises awareness about safe walking routes and builds a closer sense of community.

Ben and TahlaWoods' family decided to tryInternational Walk to SchoolDay three years ago with their children Webley and Aaron. Nowthe whole familywalks or rides their bikes every day to Hendricks Elementary School.

Tahla saysthe biggest concern each morning is crossing streets, but she and her husband try to make it a safety lesson for their children.

"Sometimes the drivers aren't paying attention or doing what they are supposed to do, so I try to warn them (Webley and Aaron)and make sure they are aware of their surroundings at all times," says Tahla Woods.

The Woods family makes the 20 minute walk each day, unless it is raining.Ben Woods says the walk is great family time, but it also helps Webley and Aaron wake up and be alert by the time school begins.

So when might Webley and Aaron start walking to school without mom and dad?

"College!" laughs Tahla Woods.

"As they get to middle school we will start to explore and branch out and look at them taking responsibility for themselves," adds Ben Woods.

For now thoughit is a 20 minute walk the Woodsfamily hopes will build some strong memories for years to come.