JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Duval County School Board made recommendations for new superintendent Nikolai Vitti's contract Tuesday.

Vitti was offered the superintendent job for Duval County last week.

The school board does not want Vitti's contract to include stipends for car or cell phones. That is the same as current superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals' current contract.

Also like Pratt-Dannals current contract, the board suggested Vitti not be offered merit increases.

The last superintendent with merit increases was Joseph Wise.

The school board also decided the contract's expiration date should match up with the fiscal year and end on June 30th. Pratt-Dannals' contract ends in December of 2012.

Karen Chastain, the district's attorney, said in the meeting other districts also follow the June 30th model. She mentioned it would also put Duval in sync during future superintendent searches.

"I think this time we were out of sync because we were behind some of the other recent searches such as Pinellas and Orange County," Chastain said.

Salary was not discussed in the meeting.