JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --On Jacksonville's East Road, there are no sidewalks. The children walking on this two-lane road have to walk on the shoulders.

"There are kids that walk home from Southside Middle School," said Rachel Parker.

Parker lives on East Road and worries about speeding cars, and she worries abouta leaning utility pole with hanging wires. She refuses to let her children get close to what she calls an accident waiting to happen.

"It has been several months and then someone came out here and tied it to the tree," she said.

Bert Roundtree agrees.

"The house is vacant and we are concerned," he said.

The leaning pole, which looks like it may fall any day, is being secured by a rope tied to the branch of tree and residents doubt that it is secured.

"Limbs keep falling and I know a lot of our neighbors are sick of it," said Parker.

We checked to see if it belonged to JEA and it does not. Then whose is it? Cable company? Phone company? Parker and her neighbors have made calls to the city, but the pole is still there.

"The city came out pretty quick, butsaid everything was fine," she said.

Well Parker said it is not really fineand she fears the worst.

"I'm scared one day it could hit a kid or even our children. We have two little boys," saidParker.

And they want it corrected.

"It is gonna fall. We're gonna lose power," said Parker, "and kids are gonna get hurt."

The JEA ischecking its own lines in relationship to the tree, but the utility pole does not belong to the JEA.

Comcast said it is unlikely the pole belongs to them, but they and the phone company will check to determine who is the rightful owner and have it corrected as soon quickly as possible.