Editor's note: The following information was obtained from Hunter's campaign.

-Graduate of Columbia High School
-Associate of Arts - Lake City Community College
-Bachelors of Science in Chemistry - University of Florida
Post-Baccalaureate in Parks and Recreation - University of Florida

Glenn Hunter contact information

Community / Schools
-School Board Member; 24 years
-Established Richardson Community Center
-Developed Southside Recreation Center
-Organized first Girl's Club program
-Started Southside Athletic Complex
-First Charter President Babe Ruth Baseball
-Board of Director CARC citizens with special needs; 33 years
-Board of Director Boys Club during expansion years
-Former Rotary Club Businessman of the Year
-Former Rotary Club Volunteer of the Year
-Successful Business Owner, Hunter Printing Company; 33 years
-Superintendent for Parks and Recreation; 2 years

-Member First Presbyterian Church