JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was a roller coaster game that ended in a heartbreaking loss but many Jaguars fans saw improvement from a year ago and have hope for better things this season.

Fans gathered at Latitude 30 had a lot to cheer about early. The Jags took an early 9-0 lead and still lead 9-7 at halftime.

Dan Bolton was impressed with the Jags quarterback.

"We're seeing Blaine Gabbert playing much better, a lot more mature than he did last year," said Bolton. "I am impressed with the early play, a big improvement over last year."

But it all turned around in the second half as the Vikings took the lead , outplaying the Jaguars most of the half. Debbie Troup was frustrated her team could not get in the end zone.

"It was very frustrating, and there were a lot of touchdowns left that we didn't get, got field goals and should have gotten touchdowns which would have made it easy for us to win. "

Fans went absolutely berserk with 20 seconds left in the game when Cecil Shorts caught the go ahead touchdown pass from Blaine Gabbert.

"I got to give credit to Gabbert," said Raymond Jarrell. "That was impressive. Wonderful, wonderful."

But the balloon deflated fast, when a 55 yd field goal by the Vikings sent it to overtime.

"Now we have to start all over again like it is 0-0," said Libby Sewell.

The Vikings kicked a field goal in overtime, the Jags failed to get a first down on fourth down and it was over. Jaguars leaving their fans with an empty feeling on opening day.

"Our defense let us down a little in the overtime what else can we say?" said 17-year season ticket holder Randall Brown.

"It was a heartbreaker , they played their hearts out, a shame we didn't win it," said Chuck Sewell.

Dawn Williams thought it was a really good game and the team did better than she expected. "I think it gives all the Jaguars fans hope, hope we can make it to the playoffs."