JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Hundreds turned out at The Landing in Jacksonville Saturday for a special 8K run to support wounded warriors.

Jason Martinez, Physical Health and Wellness manager for Wounded Warrior Project said, "It's a very big awareness piece for us especially in Jacksonville. Wounded Warrior Project is headquartered in Jacksonville, so to have the community come out and support what it is and do here and there are wounded warriors here in Jacksonville it speaks volumes to what this run represents."

Bryan Wagner is one of the wounded warriors who took part in the run. He lost his leg five years ago.

"It got blown off in Iraq by and IED", said Wagner.

But he's not letting that slow him down.

Wagner, "Really it just takes putting one foot in front of prosthetic every day. If you're not getting better you're getting worse. We train to get better every day...You can't let something small like losing a limb stand in the way of achieving your goals. Disability is only a state of mind. Just drive on every day."

While watching him run is inspiring, he says he's inspired by those who came out to show their support.

Wagner, "I think of all my boys never coming home. It's a big motivator. The community support is ridiculous. It's awesome to come out here and see all these people out here who care, who want to get involved and just spread awareness of the wounded warrior project."

All of the money raised will directly benefit the free programs Wounded Warrior Project offers injured servicemen and women across the nation and overseas.

Martinez said, "We want to make sure this generation of wounded warriors is the most successful, most well-adjusted wounded warriors in our nation's history. We have over 16 programs and services that touch them in mind, body, economic empowerment and engagement and help their families."

To learn more about Wounded Warrior Project and upcoming events click here.