JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Thousands of supporters braved the sweltering heat and crowded into the Jacksonville Landing Saturday afternoon to hear Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and running mate, Paul Ryan speak. Supporters like Kathleen Lewis, who packed up her whole family and drove all the way from Charleston, South Carolina.

"We thought it was important for our kids to hear somebody we truly stand behind and understand that you have to go out and vote, you're the one who's going to vote that person in, and see the process and be active in it, " Lewis says.

And though her children are all under the age of 14, they said it was worth the drive.

"I feel motivated by Mitt Romney's words and I couldn't say anything better than he could," said 11-year-old Margaret Lewis.

"He really showed that he is going to be a better president, better than Barack Obama ever could be," added her sister, Mackenzie.

Fourteen-year-old Kip Lewis knows he'll be voting in the next presidential election, said he was happy to hear Romney talk about military funding and healthcare.

"He [Obama] took away a lot of jobs with that, and adding them back with Mitt would be a very very good thing for the economy," he says.

Others in attendance were looking for the former Massachusetts governor to address specific issues. Maria Hernandez and Susan Gorman say they were most interested in hearing how the administration would handle the newly-passed healthcare law and help small businesses.

"I say shopkeepers of America unite, they cant afford Obama care," says Gorman.

Hernandez adds, "I have friends who lost a lot of jobs, so I just think this is the administration to unite this country again. There's too much division going on; we're all Americans."

But voters are divided, with the latest polls showing President Barack Obama with a narrow lead over Romney 44 to 43 percent.