JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Where ever there's a road improvement project, usually a household or a business is affected. In this case it is the Hairy Glass, a family business.

"We can't get our suppliers or customers pick up that come in," said Candy Moore, "There are no trespassing signs on each end. Both and ends of the roads are closed."

Moore's business is on Max Leggett Parkway. The road widening project began a year ago by a private developer. Moore said last month the "road closed" and "no trespassing" signs went up at her end of the road.

"We're not opposed to the expansion," she said, "What the problem is they forget there's people here; we've been here 27 years and it is affecting our business when we can't get our suppliers in."

Developer Steve Leggett said the parkway is the connection between Main Street, River City Marketplace and a booming Northside.

"It is just going to be phenomenal," said Leggett.

Leggett said the closing signs should not affect local business.

"Those signs are there to keep the general public out who knows the road is here. This road is absolutely open to local traffic," he said.

Leggett said the project is behind schedule because the utility wires are being buried underground but the end is near. Even so, Moore fears she and her neighbors are in dire straits.

"At least fixed one end so I can get somebody in," she said.

Developer Leggett said the road will be fully functional by December. They have to finish the landscaping and the construction company has to apply another layer of asphalt.

"For now, it is available to local traffic and anyone going to the business can use it," said Leggett.