TAMPA, Fla. -- As of Saturday afternoon, all events for the Republican National Convention are on as scheduled. But as 50,000 visitors start their takeover of Tampa, many have the weather on their minds.

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Most have never seen a storm like Isaac.

"I'm inexperienced. I don't know what to expect," said Thelma Foreman of Indiana.

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"Hurricanes never come through Alaska, so seeing one of those at the Republican National Convention, with all these people, I'm worried," said Ilaura Reeves.

Some are concerned about what they're seeing outside of the Tampa Bay Times Forum. There are a number of temporary tents, loose metal, plastic screens, and walkways set up. With very high winds expect, some fear the debris could cause damage.

"We're right on the water, so I think there's a lot that could potentially happen," Reeves said.

On Saturday, 10 News found crews securing structures by using sandbags and water-filled barrels.

RNC organizers won't say what they need to see before deciding to take it all down. "Our first priority is the safety and security of the delegates and the local residents," said RNC spokesperson Kyle Downey.

One contractor told 10 News off camera Saturday that the entire downtown area is "one giant liability." He said if wind speeds approach 40 miles per hour, parts of the tents will almost certainly need to come down.