JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- They're sometimes tagged "grocery getters," station wagons, panel wagons or even today's SUVs. Usually it's a term that makes classic car fans wince.

A "grocery Getter" is not usually the type of vehicle you would proudly show off at a cruise-in.

But when you've got what is probably the ultimate grocery getter along the First Coast, that's a different story.

Mark Parrott of Oceanway brought along his 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne Sedan Delivery to last Saturday's First Coast Car Council's River City Marketplace cruise-in. Parrott picked up the rare version of the Biscayne about three years from eBay Motors for about $2,000.

He knew it was in bad shape, but when Parrott had it shipped down from New York City and laid eyes on it, that's when it really hit him.

"It was in horrible condition," said Parrott. He spent the next three year's restoring and customizing the Sedan Delivery, of which only 815 where made, according to Parrott.

He's dropped in a 350 cubic inch, 400 horsepower Chevy V8 that was put together by Gary Johns Racing Engines here in Jacksonville. The original three-speed was swapped out with a four-speed automatic. He's also added other modern mechanicals such as power steering and power brakes. But it's the custom look that really draws people in.

Parrott picked up a customized miniature Sedan Delivery and decided he wanted to duplicate the look as closely as possible. He went to see Danny's Custom Creations on St. Johns Bluff Road. They gave it a better-than-showroom Hugger Orange paint job. Under the Clear Coat, if you look closely, or if the sun hits it just right, you'll find subtle flames, although the overall car is anything but.

All together, Parrott figures he's got about $100,000 invested in his "grocery getter." I'm sure he's got a grin on his face whenever he needs to run and get a gallon of milk.

If you want to see Parrott's Sedan Delivery vehicle, Saturday night isyour chance. He's planning on taking it to the Main Street Cruise-in.


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