JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- As kids get stronger, the hits get harder and sometimes that can lead to a concussion.

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"It felt like I was in a daze. I didn't know where I was, everything went black ," says Senior Aaron Daniels.

Daniels took a hard hit last season during a football game and wound up sidelined with a concussion.

Unlike a broken bone, concussions aren't something you can immediately see, but it just as dangerous.

"If a concussion is not handled correctly there could be long term effects that carry on throughout life," says Dr. Andy Kerwin the chief of the Division of Acute Care Surgery at UF &Shands in Jacksonville.

Dr. Kerwin says the immediate symptoms of a concussion are nausea, vomiting, headaches, a "glassy-eyed" appearance, confusion and the most serious, loss of consciousness.

Dr. Kerwin says he fully supports the new concussion law that went into effect this year. Part of that new law includes removing a student right away from a game or practice if it is believed he or she has suffered a concussion and the student cannot return until he has been medically cleared. Parents must also sign and return an informed consent that explains the risk of concussion.

Atlantic Coast High School football coach Kevin Sullivan says when it comes to concussions, teams have to be preventative and proactive. First, he makes sure all the players have helmets that fit correctly and he teaches them proper tackling technique.

"We talk 'eyes up' because if your eyes are up, your head stays up," says Coach Sullivan.

Even if a student is medically cleared after a concussion, coach Sullivan has special equipment the student must use.

"We've purchased these guardian caps, they snap over the face mask and that gives them a little bit of extra protection during practice," tells coach Sullivan.

For Aaron Daniels, rest and time helped heal his concussion and he is ready to take the field this season.

"Everything is better now and I am ready to go out and hit again," says Daniels

If you would like to read the new concussion law follow this link: