JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Thefuture of Medicare brought Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to the First Coast, defending changes and answering opponents questioningPresident Obama's vision for health care.

Sebelius spent an hour inside a Westside CVS pharmacy getting her blood pressure checked before chatting with a small group of seniorsabout Medicare.

"Annual wellness visits are now available to seniors at no additionalcost. That is a change in the way Medicare benefits used to work," said Sebelius during her chat.

Outside the pharmacy, opponents of the Affordable Care Act carried signs warningof more than $700 billion in cuts to Medicare.

"The facts are the President's plan took $700 billion out of Medicare to pay for Obama care," said Lenny Curry, Florida Republican Chairman.

Sebelius said that could not be a further from the truth.

"Allegations that somehow $700 billion has been taken out of Medicare is flat out wrong. It could not be further from the truth,"she said.

TheHealth and Human Services Secretaryalsoannounced that several major pharmacy chains will begin providing seniors with brochures that explain details of the Affordable Care Act that apply to them.